Pre-Order Updates

Due to the current shipping crisis estimated times may change without notice. These dates are just estimated and not guaranteed. We thank you in advance for your patience. 

Under the Sea Collectibles will update this page as soon as we receive updates from our manufacturers. Please note we only have updates on the items listed on this page. If your item is not listed on this page we ask you refer back to the product description of your item on our website as we list the estimated shipping dates in the description. 

We ship all items out of our warehouse within 24hrs of receiving them unless otherwise stated. 

Estimated Shipping Dates

Due to the current shipping crisis estimated times may change without notice. These dates are just estimated and not guaranteed.

 Please note these dates reflect the date the manufacturer is expecting on shipping out the items from their warehouse. Under the Sea Collectibles still has to receive, sort and ship out to customers. 

To view the estimated shipping dates please click on the corresponding tab 

(Reprint Pre-Order) Little Mermaid Ariel Sequins Loungefly Mini Backpack (Under the Sea Collectibles Exclusive)

This bag is currently on the way to our warehouse

October 25th Update
: The bags have begun the preproduction process and are scheduled to begin to be printed within the next month. The print took a while because the print sample they showed us did not meet our standards and differed from the original print. We will update this section once we have more news.

November 30th Update: The bags are currently being printed right now. They are scheduled to be placed on cargo ship the last week of December.

January 5th Update - The bags were placed on a cargo ship on December 29th. As of right now we are being told the bags should make it to the Loungefly warehouse the first week of February. Usually from the Loungefly warehouse receiving it to us receiving the shipment it take about 2 to 3 weeks. We will keep you updated but as of right now we are expecting a early March delivery.

February 1st Update: The bags have been checked in at the port. The bags are expected to be received at the Loungefly Warehouse on February 10-15. If this schedule continues on track, we are still expecting an early - mid March delivery.

February 17 Update: Looks like Loungefly is behind schedule. Due to a logistic problem at the port and at the Loungefly Warehouse, the bags were not checked in this past week as anticipated. We are not sure why they weren't as Loungefly doesn't really give us explanations. They are now telling us they may be checked in this upcoming week of Feb 20 - 26. Realistically we are now looking at a late March delivery for customers as Loungefly always finds a way to further delay shipments once in their hands. We will keep you updated and we apologize on behalf of Loungefly. Our Under the Sea Collectibles team is more than ready to receive and ship these out and we thank our customers for being patient with us.

March 1 Update: The bags are finally being checked in to the Loungefly warehouse on Friday March 3rd. Usually after this step, Loungefly takes about a week/week and a half to initiate shipment to us (unless there are delays, which Loungefly always seems to have). If the schedule continues the same way are still expecting a late March delivery to customers. We will keep you updated

 March 14 Update: Loungefly has gone radio silent on us. We are trying to confirm if the backpacks were checked in and shipped but we have not been given an answer. We hope someone will respond to us my the end of the week. The backpacks are still coming, we just dont have an exact date.

 March 21 Update: To say we are beyond frustrated is an understatement. Loungefly has been giving us the runaround for a few weeks now and we genuinely don't understand why these have not been shipped to us yet. We had a long conversation with our LF rep today about how we cannot give the best customer service to our customers if they dont give us the best customer service. We are now being told early to mid April because they have yet another logistics problem and they need to ship out other items before ours. We are supposed to receive another update early next week. Please bear with us and believe us when we say our Under the Sea Collectibles team is ready to ship these out when we receive them. We will not sleep until all units are shipped out to the customers who have been kind enough to be patient with us.

 March 27th Update: A Loungefly rep has been sent to the warehouse where the units are being stored today. They are trying to find out how to have these shipped out by the end of the week from their warehouse. We will keep you updated. We are supposed to receive an answer by tomorrow morning 

March 28th Update: We would like to start off by thanking every single customer who has been nothing with patient with our team. If you have been following our Pre-Order Updates on our website, you must know how frustrating this launch has been for both us and our customers. We appreciate everyone who has been very understanding.

 We finally received confirmation these bags are being prepared for shipment at the Loungefly Warehouse. We are expecting them to be shipped out by the end of this week and receiving them within 2 weeks and a half. Once we receive them we will be placing a very detailed schedule of shipping out. We are anticipating on taking 4 business days to receive, quality check and ship out Pre-Orders. 

 Due to recent cancellations, we do anticipate having left over backpacks. While we don’t know the quantity yet (we will know after the quality check) we do know we will have very few left over.
Our team has decided to give people on the notify me list (now turned waitlist) a chance to purchase first. We will start sending out invoices April 3rd to those people on our waitlist in the order in which they signed up. Each invoice will include 1 backpack. These invoices will be sent out in waves. Customers will have 48 hours to check out. If you are currently on the waitlist/notify me list and no longer wish to be, please shoot us an email so we may remove you.

 At this time, the only way to purchase a backpack is by joining the waitlist. If you are not on the waitlist you can sign up now. Signups will be closed on March 31st at midnight EST. Due to the low quantity of backpacks left over, at this time we are not sure if we will have a general sale. Please note joining the waitlist does not guarantee receiving an invoice.

 Due to the frustrating hurdles we have gone through to pre-order this reprint and receive it, Under the Sea Collectibles will not be reprinting this backpack again. This will be the final print. You are more than welcome to screenshot this statement to hold us accountable.

April 3 Update: 
The backpacks have been officially picked up today from the Loungefly Warehouse and are on the way to us now. Freight shipments do take a little longer so at this moment we are projecting an April 15th delivery to our warehouse. If they happen to show up earlier we will let yall know. 

April 5th Update: 
The bags have been scheduled to be delivered to our warehouse on April 15th. We are projecting to start fulfilling orders starting on April 17th after we conduct our quality check.  We expect to be done shipping all inventory by Friday of that same week April 21st. 

April 17th Update: All labels have been printed. Because we will be delivering a lot of packages to UPS at once, its possible the packages will not be scanned in until they are at the next hub. If your tracking number does not begin tracking by April 24th please let us know