Mystery Mini Backpack (Damaged As Is)

Mystery Mini Backpack (Damaged As Is)

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Mystery Backpack will be sold "as is" and it may include one or several of the following defects:

  • dents
  • issues in print (crooked prints, blurry prints, double prints, etc)
  • missing paint
  • debossing/embossing missing or out of line
  • paint splatters
  • exposed stitching
  • crooked pocket
  • stains
  • exposed stitching
  • Backpacks out of original packaging (may include undone straps or missing tags)
  • ripped tags
  • Functioning but difficult zippers

Mystery Mini Backpack (Damaged As Is) are recommended to gift to children or to be used as art projects. All mini backpacks will still be functional and will only have cosmetic damages or missing parts. Mystery Mini Backpack (Damaged As Is) are backpacks of original MSRP of $70 - $100. If you purchase multiple mystery mini backpacks, we cannot guarantee that there wont be repeats. 

Mystery Mini Backpack cannot be returned/exchanged/refunded.

Coupon codes cannot be used on this offer

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